Bouzane Consulting provides guidance and assistance to sole proprietors, small businesses and non-profit organizations on micro matters as well as more in-depth consultation and planning.  Projects can range from an hour to several weeks depending on what's needed.  No job is too small.

Are you flying by the seat of your pants and running from one crisis to another? 

If so, your business planning and improvement and growth strategies are probably in your pile of "things to tend to" when and if there's time. It is our experience that there is never enough time unless you put the brakes on and get help.

Bouzane Consulting provides guidance and can help put out some of the immediate fires.  We can also provide the guidance needed for you to move forward with confidence and help you grow profitably.  We will help you assess your current status and determine your future directions.  Then we work with you to help you move it from idea to action.  Our focus is on consulting, not just writing the documents.

If you are spinning wheels and going nowhere, or if you feel like you've just hit a brick wall one too many times, why not give us a call (1-709-699-9156).


More often than not, small businesses are established without any real thought process or planning beyond the idea and meeting regulations to get the thing moving. Sometimes, even the regulations aren't met.  Once the doors open, reality hits and business owners become overwhelmed.  What was a dream can turn into brick walls to climb and pitfalls to overcome.  The right operating systems are not in place to handle the traffic or, worse still, there's not enough demand for the products or services. These businesses generally fail as the enthusiasm fizzles out.  The doors will close anywhere between 18 months and 5 years. That is not speculation. That is FACT!

Beulah Bouzane, President

The Business Plan

Whether a start-up or expansion, you will need a plan that will help you define the idea, assess the viability, obtain funding and direct operations.
A good business plan will include a detailed description of your business, the structure and management, human resource requirements and your operational, marketing and financial plans. The document will provide the roadmap you need to guide your way.  It will also provide the information needed by your investors and lending institutions.
Bouzane Consulting ensures the end result is a thoughtful, thorough, well-written and customized business plan that gives all the information you need to proceed with confidence and to make better, quicker decisions. 

The Growth Strategy

We help you assess where you are now, where you’re going and how to get there.  It’s about knowing what do do and when to do it.  It’s about knowing your customers and what they want or need.  When was the last time you looked at the marketplace to see where things are headed, asked for feedback from your customers or potential customers, or assessed your products and services?  You will need to know that growing the business makes financial sense and will put you in a better position with a stronger bottom line. 

It’s about determining the viability of the venture BEFORE you invest your life’s savings.   It’s about developing your products and implementing a solid growth strategy that has a positive impact on your bottom line. 

Bouzane Consulting will help you build a strong, practical plan
and will work with you to make it happen.

Strategic Planning for the Non-Profit Organization

Your success is dependent on your ability to adapt and respond to change.  Envisioning the long-term direction of the organization requires leadership and the engagement of key stakeholders.  Strategic planning is one of the best ways for an organization to evaluate its current situation and position itself for changes in the future.  It provides focus and direction to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.  It’s more than a document.   It is a process that vitalizes and guides your board, management and staff.

Bouzane Consulting will help you through the process tailoring our service to your situation and needs.  We take time to understand your organization.  Then we look at the external and internal environments and connect with key stakeholders to hear their perspective and the changing environment helping you determine the most significant challenges and issues and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

We will engage you and your stakeholders in presenting and analyzing options, designing your plan and determining how best to implement. 

Strategic Plan:  We help you prepare the strategy document which outlines the processes you followed, a summary of the research and consultations that were undertaken, an analysis of the data, the strategy options, recommendations and the implementation plan.  We ensure the final document is clear, concise and easily understood and presented in a professional manner.

Implementation:   We will engage you and your stakeholders in presenting and analyzing options, designing your plan and determining how best to implement.  This will include examining the key indicators of success, i.e., how you will know you are on the right path and what are the benchmarks that will provide the necessary feedback.  It will also include ways to monitor and evaluate your performance on a regular basis.

Communication:  To be successful, it will be essential to have the buy-in and support of your entire organization at the outset, followed up by regular monitoring and reporting to celebrate your progress.  We will work with you to put the plan into action and effectively communicate it throughout the organization, providing assistance to translate the “big picture” into measurable components, goals and objectives.


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