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To succeed you must stand out from the crowd.  It's Simple!  Not only does the design of your website need to be amazing but the content must be equally so.

Bouzane Consulting provides editing, proofreading, writing and formatting services for the following web content:

Core pages (such as home, about, and services pages) are the most important pages on your site and are the most difficult to write. These pages are the face of your business and tell people who you are and what you are all about.  They are key to converting browsers into customers.  Generally, the client provides the initial copy and we will re-word and shape it for best results.

Blog posts can be another way of reaching your target audience and may play a big role in your overall digital marketing strategy.  We provide editing and formatting services to improve the reading experience and raise the visual appeal.  While we do not write in-depth articles for our clients, we write original material relevant to news and events.

Bouzane Consulting will

  • edit for readability and relevance
  • proofread to ensure correct grammar
  • write original material for blog posts and core pages
  • format  for visual appeal

These services are available on a one-of basis or on contract. The work includes:

  • Uploading – your content pasted up into your blog console, along with a FREE stock image or custom graphics, links, and tags
  • Publishing – your content published according to the agreed schedule

NOTE:  Our services extend to WordPress websites only

Photos and Graphics

We add photos and graphics to the pages that we write and format, customizing the images to suit the content. You can find a smattering of examples throughout this website.  Also refer to the gallery below.

Cost of Web Content Services

The cost of our Web Content Services can range from $25 upward depending on the extent of the writing, formatting and customized graphics involved.  Contact us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote.

Samples of Graphics from our Portfolio


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