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Bouzane Consulting will help you take it from start to finish

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Helping get your website up and running with a design you can be proud of.

Helping you say the right things in a way that is engaging and informative.

Working with you to help you make the right decisions and take the right action.

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Whether it is designing your website, getting you started with SEO,

helping with site maintenance or content management,

as our client you are our priority.

We provide support over the long haul.

Want to take the DIY approach?

Go for it!

If you need help along the way – no worries!

Bouzane Consulting will pitch in!

What Our Clients Say!

The Lewisporte & Area Chamber of Commerce Board was looking for a web designer and Bouzane Consulting was recommended and more than delivered. Beulah Bouzane, the owner, created and designed our website with meticulous detail. We have increased our, and our members’ presence, in social media 100%. Not only has Bouzane Consulting designed our website, but has, and is, doing continued training to ensure knowledge of use and maintenance. Always just a call away if help is needed. I would recommend Bouzane Consulting to anyone looking for a web designer.
"You know the type. The person who has a story to tell and the odd photo to show, and has absolutely no idea how to publish a website. Even “Websites for Dummies” is beyond their comprehension..........I’m that guy!
Thank you Beulah and Bouzane Consulting for rescuing me. Your expertise in not only constructing my website, but constantly maintaining the site and hand-holding the client, is greatly appreciated. Yours has become an essential service to Geoff Goodyear Photography!"
We are beyond pleased with Bouzane Consulting's impeccable service. We have been working with Beulah for the last 9 years. First as our management consultant and later as Bouzane Consulting. We could not have chosen a better person to develop and take care of our website.Any changes, updates or modifications we need on the website is taken care of asap. We love the fact that we can just call Beulah anytime we need anything, and she always takes care of it for us. Her customer service goes above and beyond. I would recommend Bouzane Consulting to anyone trying to build a business website. We are honored to be able to express our deep gratitude for her expertise.

Bouzane Consulting

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individuals | non-profits | businesses

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Assisting with content management
Designing websites

Maintaining websites

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Help when you need it!

Bouzane Consulting is standing by to provide you assistance with any of the steps involved in creating a website.

Contact us to discuss your idea, determine how we can help and to arrange a quote.
Our services will be tailored to meet YOUR needs.

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