Do you use google searches to find images for your website?
Most images are subject to copyright laws and it could cost you – big time.

Recommended Sites for Free Images

Yesterday I received an email with some tips from Astra that I think you will find useful.  It warns about using images that do not belong to you.  Astra also provides a list of the sites you can use to find royalty free images that you are welcome to use. It is an excellent resource.   Click here to check it out.  


(Note:  We try to use our own photos and graphics whenever possible.  If we use a potentially copyrighted photo, we always obtain permission and give appropriate photo credits.  If we don’t have anything suitable, we use stock images. Our favourite sites are pixabay.com and isorepublic.com.)

A word about Astra … it really is the best theme to use when you are developing or redesigning your website.  It outshines all the others.

wpASTRA Best Theme

State-of-the-Art! We highly recommend the ASTRA theme

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