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Since 1985

Bouzane Consulting is an indigenous company established in 1985 to provide management consulting and business expertise to small businesses and non-profit organizations. In 2012 we decided to switch gears and focus on website development services. Since then, it has been all about creating websites that work.

Serving You Better

We combine business savvy and website development expertise to assist clients create and maintain an amazing website presence.

Providing the Essentials

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providing services to individuals, non-profits and businesses

For us quality is not just about service delivery.
It involves every aspect of our business.
knowing our clients – who they are and what they need
and in the face of challenging times,
how we can deliver services most effectively.


Helping get your website up and running with a design you can be proud of.


Working with you to help you make the right decisions and take the right action.


Helping you say the right things in a way that is engaging and informative.

From Start to Finish

Bouzane Consulting will help you take it from start to finish – the full gamut of website development or any part in between. This can include helping you purchase your domain name and web hosting package, web design, content development, security configuration, and content management.

Not Sure What You Need!

If you are not sure what you need or how to go about it, we can help you through the muddle and the maze providing guidance and direction on what to do next.

Not Sure What’s Involved?

We will work with you to go over the essentials and get rid of the confusion.  We can also assist with the purchase of your domain name and web hosting package with recommendations on best choices in vendors.

We partner with some of the largest and most reputable service providers in the industry to ensure you have exactly what you need to be successful on the web.

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Tailoring Our Services

Providing What You Need

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