The water on the beans is about to change – just when we thought creating websites had reached its peak and just when we were getting used to working with block editors.  That’s right!  If you like preparing your own blogs or website building you are going to love what they’re doing with my two favourite block editors, Elementor and Gutenberg.  Both are switching from sections to flexbox containers giving you more control than ever to design great web pages.

Changes to block editors

I’ve been watching some of the videos that demonstrate the new features so I’ve got a pretty good idea on how to transition but there’s one that I missed.  It was excellent and I thought you might find it helpful too.


Thank you to Elvina at Astra for putting me on Adam at WPCrafter.  She also told me that Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg will soon be called Spectra.  Good to know!

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