Creating a Website – The Approach

You need a website. Where do you start? This blog will give you details on the first 3 steps to take for EVERY website you create.

Making a website can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before but if you are like us, you want to be in control and ‘do it yourself’. You absolutely can!

There are so many questions that will go through your mind and for every question there are many answers and hundreds of resources that boast of being the best. It takes time to explore the options and select the tools that suit your needs. Even then, there’s always that nagging doubt as to whether you are going about things in the right way.

No worries! Our aim is to provide guidance and tips to help you through the muddle and the maze. Our blogs cover key topics as well as my top choices for the tools needed.

Same Approach - EVERY Time

It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro or a novice – whether you have built numerous websites or if this is your first. The approach should be the same – every time.

So Let’s Get Started


The first step is to give some thought to the purpose of your website. What features do you need right away and what do you want the website to do for you over the long haul.

Is the website for information or for selling or both. Do you want a blog, contact form, online store, reservation systems, memberships, recipes, photo gallery, etc? Make a list of what features you want to see on the website overtime.

Trust us! That initial thought process will enable you to make the right choices to enable you to grow. A solid foundation will be well worth it as it will save you hours of time and frustration in the future.

Domain Name

A domain name is your URL … how you will be identified on the Internet. Once you determine if the name you want is available, you will need to decide which company to use to register it.

There are hundreds of companies providing domain registration services and it can be confusing. To narrow it down, we’ve taken the top 10 and pared it down to our 3 top choices.

These are among the largest and most reliable service providers out there. Each one offers domain registration and web hosting services along with a full slate of other services you may want to consider for your website.

Web Host

It may seem easier to use the same provider for your both domain and hosting services, but it not necessarily so.  Your Web Host Company must be a solid partner providing top notch customer service when you run into issues with your site.  Be CAREFUL to make the right choice for you. 

Again our top 3 choices are:

At Bouzane Consulting, we have experience with all three companies. All offer solid products and services, however, Bluehost is our preferred choice because of their outstanding customer service. As a result, over the past year, we have moved most of our sites over to Bluehost. For us it was certainly a solid business decision.

How Long Does It Take

You can have a website up and running in about an hour.  YES – You read it right. That’s all it takes to get started.

After you’ve done the preliminary planning and know what your goals are, you can be live on the web in about an hour. In that hour you should be able to buy your domain name, purchase your web hosting package, install WordPress and create a basic web page telling who you are, what you do and providing contact information.

Then the work begins to build your site ensuring the look and feel speaks your brand and matches your overall goals.

Tailoring Our Services

Providing What You Need

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