Marketing your Business ...

Just because you have a website does not mean you will be found.  It does not mean you will automatically generate sales.  It takes strategy and effort to market your business successfully.  Do NOT be invisible.

A big part of building a successful website is getting people to visit it. The more traffic, the more chance for a successful site.

But traffic is only good when it helps you meet your goals. So what are they? What do you want to achieve. Do you want them to buy a product, sign up for your email list, complete a form or become a member. To be successful, it is necessary to boost your conversion rate, i.e., the percentage of visitors who do what you want them to do.

The first step is to determine your website goals. For each page determine what is the purpose and objective. Typically, it will be one of these: sales; brand presence; lead generation; calls; click through.  Once you know exactly what you want to accomplish, then you can move forward with steps to achieve the goal(s). 


Who is your target audience

Just because your website is accessible world wide, it does not mean that your market is the world.  It is important to recognize you cannot and should not try to please everybody.  Define the type of person you’re hoping to reach. Who is your target?  If you’ve studied marketing you will know the typical questions to answer that describes your target:

  • age, gender, education level
  • the industry where they work
  • their work experience
  • why are they coming to your site
  • what are the problems they face in their lives/jobs
  • how technologically-savvy are they

With those questions answered you can now build a website that will attract that type of visitor.  Stay focused on connecting with your target audience.

Design and Content

The design of your website is crucial. The old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover does not cut it on the web. People will judge your website by its cover. It must be attractive and immediately exude credibility.  It must look professional or people will not trust it. Their impressions will form quickly (within 50 ms) even before reading a single word of text. 


Next comes the need for clear, concise and interesting headline for the overall site which sums up what your customers will find.  It has to grab them instantly. Otherwise, they are off to another more promising website.  Remember, it is not about you.  It should be about what the customer needs or wants.

Make the Content Relevant and Current

Each page within your site should have a purpose and an objective.  Make sure the headlines on each page speak to your audience.  They should not have to guess what it is all about.  90% of the time, people will only read the headlines.  If it does not address their problem and speak to a clear value proposition, they will quickly exit.  Research has shown:

“Users often leave web pages in 10 to 20 seconds but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people’s attention for much longer. To gain several minutes of user attention, you must clearly communicate your value proposition within 10 seconds”.

Make that headline a good one – clear and concise; make your value proposition obvious and stay customer focused.

You have your visitor’s attention and they’ve decided to continue reading.  Don’t waste that opportunity.  Tie your content to your headline so readers get more information.  Keep the content current. Keep refreshing your website and content.  A stagnant website is a turn-off for most visitors.  Make sure you have a call to action on each page, otherwise what’s the purpose.

Keep It Short and Simple!

Build Credibility and Trust

In addition to the professional look and rock solid content, your target audience will not do business with you if you have not built trust and credibility.  First of all share some of your personality, ensure your audience has accurate information about you, where you are located, what your experience is and how they can contact you.  Other ways to build credibility and trust include a compelling and recognizable logo, testimonials and reviews by customers, a secure website with security badges and https/green padlock, and feedback on social media networks.

Show Social Proof

You cannot be without a social presence if you want to succeed on your website. People base their own actions on the actions they see from others.  Your audience will build confidence in you when you show social proof such as the number of follows, subscribers or customers, testimonials and reviews, places where you have been featured. It is also important to invite friendship such as featuring a Facebook Like button.  And, last but not least, be sure to display credible certifications.
credible certifications.

Build Your Brand Identity!

What you need to Get Started

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  • page builder
  • Bouzane Consulting

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