Our Brand Identity

As with most business, one of our first challenges was to determine what set us apart from other web development companies and to design a logo that spoke to those core values.  


It comes down to basics – keep it as simple as black and white. 

At Bouzane Consulting we are determined to provide the best possible services combining our business savvy and web development skills.  We do the heavy lifting, keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground.  We focus on our clients and provide support through thick and thin  – over the long haul. 


  • The woman represents our business – standing firm | focused | committed to supporting our clients.
  • B: Bouzane | business | best
  • C: Consulting | clients | creative

The orange speaks to our enthusiasm, creativity and determination.

The basic black and white colours are used interchangeably depending on the alternating background. These colours represent our commitment to keeping it “as simple as black and white”.