Videos and WordPress - YouTube and Vimeo

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Using videos on your website is a great way to attract attention and highly recommended. BUT do not store them on the site. Find out why! We also compare YouTube and Vimeo as you consider which is best to meet your needs.

Using Videos Makes Sense

  • Users spend up to 88% more time on websites with videos
  • 70% of businesses say that videos boost brand awareness
  • Use of video increases traffic by 51%
  • 85% of people say that videos help them connect with brands
  • 41% more web traffic from search engines
  • 80% would rather watch a live video than read a blog

These are just some of the stats that show the value of video marketing on your website. According to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, the value of a one minute video is worth 1.8 million words. Now, who has the time or the energy to write that much?  It would take 150 days minimum if you average one web page per hour to achieve the same results as a one minute video. In those terms, adding a video to your website makes perfect sense. Not using videos means you are  missing out on a huge opportunity.


Another reason is credibility which is crucial to your business.  If you incorporate a peer or customer testimonial into your video, people react positively. Regardless whether you are a start-up or established brand, trust and believability happens when a peer recommends a product. In one study, a restaurant increased their sales by 20% just by adding “our most popular items’ on the menu next to a few dishes.

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Do NOT upload Directly to Your WordPress website

Things to keep in mind when you are ready to take the video plunge …  

  • streaming videos will slow down website speeds
  • videos take considerable bandwidth
  • it can increase web hosting costs
  • viewing qualify may be compromised because internet connections differ with each customer

NEVER upload the video to your media library.  While it is possible to place your videos in the WordPress media library, it is not designed to stream videos.  A video is usually a large file and will chew up resources and storage on your website. 


It requires significant bandwidth.  Not only will this slow your website down considerably but it can be costly as most web hosting providers don’t offer servers that are optimized for video streaming.   If multiple users access videos on your website at once,  it could crash your server.


Adding to that, you should keep in mind that each user has a different type of internet connection. Your high quality videos will take forever to load on slower internet connections.

You need to use a Video Hosting Platform

It is recommended that you use a video hosting platform to house your videos.  Once uploaded you can then embed or the link the videos on your WordPress website.  With the new block editors, it is quite simple and easy.  But the first step is to decide which platform you wish to use. 

The most popular video hosts are YouTube and Vimeo. There are many similarities between the two but it is the differences that allow them to stand out.  Which one you choose depends on your needs.


  • YouTube is the largest video hosting platform on the web
  • YouTube has a broader reach
  • YouTube will have a barrage of ads that insert on your video unless you opt for the Premium package
  • YouTube is more accessible and manageable
  • YouTube generally performs better in search, offers solid analytics
  • YouTube trumps Vimeo over cost
    YouTube offers unlimited free storage
  • YouTube allows you to run your own ads


  • Vimeo is seen as a more professional curated version of YouTube.
  • Vimeo audiences are more creative than mainstream
  • Vimeo offers a few more privacy options
    Vimeo currently doesn’t allow ads
  • Vimeo offers free and paid accounts (based on storage capacities.
  • Vimeo analytics are not free. You will have to pay for a full analytic suite.
  • Vimeo allows you to completely replace an old video with a new one without affecting it’s URL or stats.
  • Vimeo offers far better support (if you have a paid programme)
  • Vimeo offers more customization options
  • Vimeo is not managed by Google meaning fewer hits

How to embed a Video using Elementor

Play Video about video marketing

Quick Website Maintenance Checklist

  • Check work activity and scan security logs
  • Moderate comments
  • Delete spam comments
  • Write new content and keep visuals fresh
  • Improve existing content
  • Ensure no broken links or 404 errors
  • Test forms
  • Ensure pages and content are responsive
  • Optimize your database
  • Review Users and accessibility rights
  • Change your WordPress login password
  • Do a site backup and store copy offline
  • Update WordPress, plugins and themes to newest versions